Our Insolvency Services

Who we are:

Abraham Accountants and their associates have been successfully and professionally assisting Company Directors for many years with the often complex and thorny aspects of Insolvency.

What we do:

We provide simple and, above all, legal solutions for Company Directors who are under almost intolerable pressure from creditors and/or with the possibility of a Winding Up Petition hanging over them.

How we do it:

First: we will provide you with FREE and immediate advice over the phone with no obligation to continue.

Second: we will offer you a full service facility until the matter is resolved.  All options will be explored & analysed and alternative solutions provided for you to choose what is best for you and your Company.

Third: we will also advise you on how to communicate with your creditors and other key stakeholders.

The benefits to you:

We ‘hold your hand’ from start to finish 24/7, thereby reducing immeasurably the levels of stress that you would otherwise experience.

Our clients over the years have routinely praised our efficiency and lauded the ways that we have assisted them through difficult times.  We include just a few in ‘Our Success Stories’ tab.


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